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Wedding Officiant Florida

Wedding Officiant in Florida

Wedding Officiant - Florida - Highly experienced wedding officiants in Florida and have officiated many, many weddings, including same-sex weddings. We are trained public speakers with a high degree of experience with officiating weddings and the experience and know-how to make your wedding ceremony professional, elegant and unique.

Same-sex / Gay / Lesbian Weddings are now legal throughout the entire state of Florida!

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Wedding Officiant Florida works with you to personalize every part of your vows and even to direct your wedding from the alter. Many things happen during your wedding ceremony and our professional wedding officiants will see to all those details for you. With many years of experience officiating weddings and public speaking, you can rest assured that your wedding ceremony will be handled with the utmost of care and detail. See our Terms and Fees.


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Our Professional Wedding Officiants

We are non-denominational wedding officiants in Florida who do not require a couple to be of any particular faith or of any faith at all. Our only requirement is that there is love and the sincere understanding of the commitment of marriage. We are also ordained ministers and can marry couples in any state! Wedding Officiant Florida offers packages and many wedding traditions for your wedding ceremony and every detail is practiced to perfection.

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Value of Experience

The value of an experienced professional wedding officiant - It is important to find a wedding officiant in Florida who will help you enjoy your day, express what your relationship is about, and interact well with your guests and your other wedding vendors in a helpful and professional way. Our experienced and professional wedding officiants are essential to making your wedding day run smoothly. Our professional Florida wedding officiants have a lot of experience with a wide variety of wedding situations. There are many dynamics in a wedding ceremony that a professional knows how to deal with. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Family members who don’t get along
  • Wide variances in religious and spiritual traditions among family and guests
  • Videographers and Photographers needs for getting good pictures and video
  • Wedding party members falling ill or fainting during the wedding ceremony
  • Wrong music during your vows
  • Missing people or ceremony items (such as rings or flowers)
  • Bride or groom is too nervous to say their vows
  • Sudden changes in weather conditions
  • Wardrobe and equipment malfunctions
  • And many more . . .

Perfect Wedding

You want the perfect wedding, and since it all starts with the ceremony you want to make sure that your wedding officiant is experienced, can speak eloquently and can deliver a beautiful ceremony that you and your guests will remember for years to come. You are about to make a lifetime commitment to each other and your ceremony should reflect not only who you are but the words themselves should resonate within your hearts forever. These are your wedding vows to each other and should be important to you both, therefore all wedding vows are personalized for each couple.

Unique and Professional

We recognize that every couple is unique and their friends and family are no exception. Often, couples are from different religious backgrounds, maybe one is agnostic or atheist. Your guests have varying backgrounds as well. Rest assured, our Florida Wedding Officiants are perfectly capable of creating a ceremony that blends individual beliefs in such a way that it embraces both of you as well as your family and friends. Couples often overlook the importance of the person actually conducting their wedding ceremony, the wedding officiant. They place great care in a place, date, and time, but do not consider that the ceremony will not go forward without a wedding officiant. You get what you pay for in this business. Be sure to hire true professionals for your wedding ceremony.


Your wedding officiant will wear business attire, ceremony robe, or casual dress to suit your needs for your rehearsal and/or ceremony.